How to apply for Bulgarian Universities?
University admission in Bulgaria or  higher education admission in Bulgaria, international student must have qualification required for the level he is applying for.  The required documents for application to Bulgarian universities must be prepared careful following the criteria, deadline and all university application guidelines.

Prospective International students are welcome to apply to study in Bulgaria. Bulgarian universities have culture of receiving international students from years. Although during the communist time most international students were attracted mainly by Bulgarian scholarships, to day, most international students appreciate to study in Bulgaria not only because good quality of education but also of safe and  friendly environment,  cheap  tuition fees and cost of living, diplomas recognized in all EU countries and beyond, etc.

Note that almost all Bulgarian Universities organize Bulgarian preparatory course, some of them organize also English preparatory course for International students wishing to study in English:

  • Prospective International students who apply to Bulgarian High education can apply as a new students or Transfer students  (transfer credit).
  • New students are those who would like to start the whole program (Bachelor, Master or PHD) in Bulgarian High education institution

Application and Admission for high school diploma student:
International students with a high school diploma can apply to any University in Bulgaria.  The university admission is based on the specific courses taken in high school or International baccalaureate (pre-requisites), the obtained grades and, for some competitive programs, a supplementary application that may include items such as a resume, personal statement, or reference letters.  All this must be with personal documents such us copy of passport, birth certificate etc.

Application and Admission for university transfer student:
Student has completed the equivalent at least of one year’s study at any accredited international university. Or equivalent can be admitted to Bulgarian universities as transfer student.   University transfer requests will be evaluated based on the student’s university transcripts (ECTS: European Credits Transfer System) and space available in the requested program at the new university.

Who can apply for Bulgarian Universities?
Bulgarian higher education institutions are open to all international students who hold a secondary education certificate that makes them eligible for higher education in the country in which they have received their secondary education.

Undergraduate students
A Secondary Education Diploma is required. The duration of the programs is 4 years. After accumulating the required credits and successful thesis defense students are awarded a BA or BSc. degree.

Graduate students
A Bachelor degree is required. Students are enrolled in a Master’s program at Graduate School with duration from 1, 5 to 2 years.

Ph.D. / Doctoral students
Master degree is required. Students are enrolled in a Doctoral program at Graduate School with duration of 3 years. When all requirements of the program are fulfilled students are awarded a Ph.D.

Transfer students
For transfer students, a Bachelor or Master degree (according to the program the student he is applying for) plus the transfer credit transcription of marks is required.
Transfer students are   students who already have passed some period of study at another institution of accredited higher education and would like to continue their education in Bulgarian university and obtain a Bulgarian diploma.
The duration of their study depends on the period already completed. Upon graduation they receive a degree (Bachelor or Master), according to the chosen program.

ERASMUS students
For exchange students in ERASMUS Program, the period of study is for 3 to 12 months as it is contracted in the Bilateral Agreements.

What are the University Requirements for Bulgarian Universities?
To study in Bulgaria, university admission requirements can vary from university to another, but the main requirements to get into high education institution remain the same.  So, before applying , international student must be sure that he has appropriate qualification, finance support, valid passport and that he is good health.

Diploma or high school certificate
The first requirement or condition to study in institute of higher education in Bulgaria is a Diploma or Certificate proving successful completion of the previous stage of education. The applicant student should have secured at least 62 % especially in the profile subjects. As a practice the particular university authorities have the right and obligation to choose their students among the best candidates.

Finance secure
The second requirement to study in Bulgaria is whether the candidate could secure financial support for its education plus cost of living in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian Universities are autonomous and set up the tuition fees for foreign students independently. Depending on the University and the education specialty chosen the tuition fee varies from around 2500 Euro/year to 8000 Euro/year. This can also vary according to program (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD).
For those who will attend Bulgarian or English language preparatory course general fee is 1500 Euro to 4000 Euro /year.
Minimum cost of living in Bulgaria for a foreign student, including dormitory at the campus (double share basis), food, transportation and other miscellaneous is in the range of 17000 Euro/year.
Note that the opportunities for self-support through student employment are minimal and generally, Bulgarian government and Bulgarian Universities do not provide any scholarships for foreign students with just a few exceptions for the exchange students.

Good health
The third requirement to be accepted to Bulgarian university study is that the applicant student must be in good health physically, mentally and without contagious disease. This should be proved by a medical certificate.

In order to be accepted to Bulgarian high education study, the applicant must have a valid passport or other traveling document.

What are the Tuition Fees for Bulgarian Universities?
Tuition fees for university study in Bulgaria are one of the cheapest in among European Union countries.   European Union or European Economical Area country members can study at reduced tuition fee or benefiting Bulgarian scholarship.  The only condition to beneficiate Bulgarian scholarship is to learn Bulgarian and then pass admission exam together with Bulgarian Students. Also note that the tuition fee for programs in Bulgarian language is slightly cheaper than the programs in English.

Tuition fees in Bulgarian universities vary depending on university, specialty, language of study, undergraduate or graduate studies etc.

Tuition fee for European students:
European students can choose to study in Bulgaria in national language (Bulgarian) or in international language (English, French, and Germany) depending of the available programs.   The European Union students who wish to make economy can choose to study in Bulgarian language and take benefit from Bulgarian scholarship.

So, EU students in Bulgaria have 2 options on point of view of financing their university study:

  • Apply and study as every Bulgarian citizen, this mean the candidate will have to study in Bulgarian language, but to get place he/she has to go for competition entrance exams (ex. in Biology and Chemistry for medical study, maths for technical study, etc.) with all other candidates from Bulgaria and EU for the Government scholarship;
  • Apply and study as all foreign citizens (non EU) as a self-paid student: then he must pay the full tuition fee.

Tuition fee for no-EU students:
The international non European Union student   can apply to study in Bulgaria only as self-paid student.  He must pay the full annually tuition fee, which is actually paid in 2 times per year: Half before applying for visa and the remaining at the before beginning of second semester. Note that it is slightly cheaper to study in Bulgarian language than in international language!

Approximate tuition fees in Bulgaria:
Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy:  6000 to 8000
Technical study: 3000 to 4000
Economical study: 3000 to 4000 Euro

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